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According to Wikipedia a bag is defined as a “non-rigid container” and quite frankly, we think that's a lousy definition. Call us a little bag-crazy because we are. Scratch that. A little? At Baghaus we are certifiably obsessed with bags and accessories. 

Because if you're anything like us, a bag is much more than just a “container.” As if!

Like us, your favorite bags are an affirmation of good taste and you entrust these bags to carry and protect your most essential items in comfort and style. That's a lot of responsibility for one bag, isn't it?  

So when you shop for new bags, do you brush your cheek against the fabric? Do you hold prospective bags up to the light, scrutinizing every detail from the sheen of the hardware to the width of the drop handles?  

(Ok. Wait. Timeout. If you're brushing bags against your face in the middle of a store then you really do need help. Seriously. But that's alright because we're right there with you!)

Because if you are this nutty person that we've described above, then welcome home!

At Baghaus we don't take ourselves too seriously but we are COMPLETELY serious about our bags and 110% committed to giving you the best customer service possible on all eleven continents (we're bag experts. Geography...not so much). Watch in-depth video reviews of our newest products, talk to our fun and friendly customer service reps, and browse our carefully curated selection of bags chosen by fellow bag maniacs just like you.  



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